eBook conversion cost

eBook conversion cost of Apoyo Corp is estimated by taking into consideration the page count, complexity of the files, time frame and output formats. Apoyo Corp accepts any form of your source files such as MS Word, PDF, RTF, InDesign, web page, Latex, etc.

Our eBook conversion cost is relatively low when compared to assigning it to your domestic team or any other offshore eBook conversion companies. Our eBook conversion team's promising quality and on time delivery will never let you down.

We don't charge any upfront fee for the eBook conversion of your manuscript. Along with the converted file, we will send you the invoice of the respective eBook conversion cost.

After reviewing our output file, you can pay us through wire transfer by Bank or Paypal.

eBook conversion rates : How Apoyo Corp estimates?

eBook conversion rates of Apoyo Corp varies depending upon the device specific output formats. According to the formats required, we will proceed with a minimal quote with which we can give you the best quality output. Take a look at the illustration of the formats readable by popular E-book readers.

Comparison of e-book readers (vs) formats

Before sending us your input file, kindly ensure that your source files i.e. manuscript is past proofreading and updated.

After reviewing your manuscript, depending upon your desired format, we quote you the best competitive price in the industry. Our output delivery duration will be quicker. We always finish and send the converted eBook file before your allotted time for you to review.

If you notice something to be altered due to an error, reach us back. We will correct it for free of cost and send you back the updated file as soon as possible for your final review. Suppose after our conversion, if there is any change in editorial part, it will cost you a minor fee for processing. So we always instruct our Clients to send us the manuscript, free from editorial alteration.

Our standard eBook conversion rates starts from $0.15/ page where the source file shouldn't possess any multimedia such as image, graphs, table etc. For pages enhanced with media, kindly reach us with your sample to get a free quote.

We are able to process bulk volumes even on urgent basis if requested.

**Bulk volumes are highly entertained and there on enjoy considerable cut down in pricing**.

ebook conversion pricing : How to get a quote?

In order to get eBook conversion pricing quote from our experts, make sure that your manuscript is finalized and ready for conversion.

If so, send us your sample pages along with the details of number of pages, complexity of your files, time duration, required output format and instructions (guidelines). These details enable us to provide a reasonable quote of our eBook conversion pricing.

You can get the eBook conversion quote either by filling our quote request form (or) emailing us at info@apoyocorp.com