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Data entry Services pricing - Frequently Asked Questions

For both online and offline data entry works, it costs $4 per hour and $600 per month (A Full Time Equivalent data entry operator).

Please fill in the ‘data entry quote’ form for both hourly and FTE requirements. For hourly rates, you will get the total number of hours and the total data entry services pricing for performing/executing your project.

For monthly rates, it will be easy for us to address you if we know about the nature of your data entry work.

No upfront cost is charged for anyone who represents a company.

If you prefer to outsource as an individual rather than a company's representative, you have to pay 50 percent of the total cost as an upfront cost. That too will be charged only for the first time. We will not charge for further projects.

If you represent a company, you don’t have to pay a penny before outsourcing.

In the case of monthly works, the cost is fixed i.e., $600 per month.

For hourly works, the cost is just $4. We calculate costs based on the total number of hours required to complete your entire project.

For hourly works, you have to make payment on the same day we deliver the output file as we stipulated in the quote.

After completing the project we will send you the output along with the invoice. If you can’t pay on that time, prior information should be sent accordingly.

In the case of monthly works, we prefer bi-weekly payment after the execution date. After making 2 bi-weekly payments, the payment has to be done monthly on the pre-determined date.

If you wish to have different payment cycle, you can (or) please feel free to hash over that.

We mostly work with the international clients. So we accept payments through PayPal or Wire Transfer.

Premium quality in our work is our strength. We are keen in providing utmost quality in our output.

We will give a sample of our work through which you can come to an idea about our quality.

All major files are transmitted only through secured FTP server. We are solely responsible for the security of the data throughout the project period.

We are also ready to sign SLAs or any other documents that support data protection.

Turnaround time will be determined separately for hourly rate and monthly rate works.

For hourly rate works, we will work out a sample and impart you about the quantity of work done in an hour. From this sample work data, we will calculate the total number of hours required to complete the project. This will be apparently explained in our quote by stating the overall time assigned for the work.

In the case of monthly rate works, we will give you the performance of a day’s work i.e., 8 hours as a sample from which you can know about the turnaround time for the project.

The status of the project will be reported within few hours upon your query via Email.

We respond immediately if there are any major issues or updates. Our account manager will reply as early as possible to emails in case of urgent queries.

Please remember, you are always welcome to contact us anytime via phone if there is any significant change in your project.

Yes. We make an agreement for monthly works. We prepare SLA before starting any outsourcing task on a monthly basis.

In the case of hourly work, instead of an agreement, we give you our quote along with all the terms and conditions associated with the project.

Of course, yes, you can hire us based on the working period.

You can hire us for a day’s period for quality as well as performance measurement and review our quote price.

Our data entry operators are undergraduates and they are experts in touch typing.

We conduct various typing tests like 10 key tests, speed typing test, etc. and hire highly skilled data entry operators.

Yes. We can perform web research or any other requested VA works.

Please explain your description/requirements clearly so that we can meet your expectations.

We use your phone number only to contact you in case of emergencies regarding your project on not getting your reply via e-mail. Otherwise, we never disturb you and never share or forward your phone number to other companies or anybody.