Data processing services

Data processing services of Apoyo Corp is an art of formulating data into desired formats like tables, graphs, illustrations, etc., incorporating important required statistics from the given data. The collected and manipulated data undergoes various quality checks to ensure high quality standards are met.

Most companies like you require data from structured formats like images, surveys, statistics, forms, graphs, etc. These data are acquired from your market research, to analyze the data as a statistical approach for your future marketing trends.

These data have the ability to provide a logical solution for a new upcoming product or service to be launched by you. Also it helps you to improve your existing product or service according to your data being processed.

Data Entry Services

After data processing, your data appears to be more comprehensive and readable. Apoyo Corp's data processing services not only digitize your data but also help you in organizing your data into more pertinent forms by getting rid of undesired redundancies. We bring together our practical proficiency, associates and technologies to ensure that your data look more precise with 100% quality.

By outsourcing data processing services to Apoyo Corp, you are safeguarding your data available through different formats. Thus extraction of your data is made easily accessible in your preferred friendly platforms.

Data processing services cycle: Workflow of Apoyo Corp

The workflow of our data processing enhances your data to be more explicit and easily retrievable when needed.

Data processing services cycle of Apoyo Corp is initiated by receiving your source file such as form, survey, image etc., through secured FTP server.

Post analyzing your requirements by our project management team, our data processing team extracts data from your source files.

These extracted data are processed into your required formats like MS Word, MS Excel, PDF etc.

The processed data undergoes strict quality checks to ensure 100% data accuracy before delivering the formulated data to you.

Data Processing Services workflow of Apoyo

The above illustration clearly states that we generate high accurate results through data processing since we stick to the quality standards every time.

With profound technical knowledge, Apoyo Corp readily fulfills your data processing needs at a reasonable cost.

Types of data processing services of Apoyo

Apoyo Corp offers most types of data processing services such as

Data Entry Services


Image data entry processing is extracting data from the provided image and converting those into required formats. The captured images are sorted out and keyed into categories to create a database. Required data is obtained from this database and converted into your expected digital formats.

ePublishing Services


Survey data entry processing involves obtaining data from survey reports and tailoring them according to your specific needs.

ePublishing Services


Form data entry processing is done by retrieving data from various forms such as invoices, vouchers, medical claims, tax statements, etc. It is then formulated into your multiple preferred formats like PDF, tiff, MS Word, MS Excel etc.

Data Entry Services

Copy Paste Services

Copy paste data processing involves copying of data from various sources into expected formats for presentations, market research, E-mail marketing, etc.

ePublishing Services

Data Cleansing

With a team of trained professionals, we remove inappropriate, redundant information from the acquired data and thus provide data integrity.

We handle most data processing types to cleanse and organize your data into valuable form. This will be more useful for your company on marketing or analyzing the trends to enhance sales. It enriches future references.

Industry specified Data Processing services

Our data processing services are applicable to any company that deals with data. So it may refer to any industry or niche your company belongs to where you need to process your data for enhanced features.

Online data processing can be preferred for instant and quick update of data. For a service oriented industry like loan/insurance, this allows their customers for instant access to their updated policy details. Also this helps them know about any change in their policy terms and also track the details of their claims. This improves the satisfaction of the service offered by your company thus it drives more number of customers towards you.

Employees of any company could know the status of their scale of pay, next date of pay, number of man hours they have worked after their previous pay, etc at any instant.
Major industries/niches that perform data processing for better accessibility and usage are as follows:-

Insurance Data Processing:

In Insurance data processing, all the paper records of customers that include name, address, policy details, date of maturity/expiry, value of policy, claim details, etc are converted to e-formats for easy retrieval and usage.

Payroll Data Processing:

Bulk volumes of details of employees like name, address, age, length of service, daily attendance records, overtime records, number of man-hours of work, previous work/job experiences, salary/ scale/ grade details are processed to digital data formats in payroll data processing.

This enables easy access to any employee records thus saving lot of time. It also reduces the cost involved in preservation and maintenance of these details in paper formats.

Bank Data Processing:

Bank and many financial institutions are preserving their data in e-formats. Data processing in bank plays a major part for maintaining their entire customer's account information up to date.

Statistical and Survey Data Processing:

All the surveys and statistical data are collected and converted into computerized format for instant access. It is very helpful to sort and review your data for any market research or future plans for any industry.

Medical Data Processing:

In medical industry all the details of the patients like name, address, age, previous medial listing, insurance policies, medications prescribed, treatment details, bills, etc are processed into required electronic formats. This medical data processing is required for immediate access and utilization of database.

Data processing suits to any industry to digitize your data for better accessibility. It plays a vital role in your company's growth.

Benefits of performing electronic data processing

When a company performs either automatic or electronic data processing, they enjoy multitudinous benefits. Listed below are few data processing advantages that uplifts the company

Speedy Accessibility:

Since all the paper formats are reformed into electronic formats, it empowers your company to access and retrieve the data from the database easily.

Exceptional storage and accuracy:

E-formats enable you for massive storage of data and it could be extracted uncomplicatedly. Also digitizing your data helps you remove inapposite data and enable your data to be more accurate and appropriate.

Diminished Costs:

Data processing converts all paper documents into computerized format. This will bring down the price significantly, since the cost involved with preserving your reliable data is very low.

Distinct Formats:

Any input files such as paper, image or scanned format, bills, etc, can be data processed into expected varied formats. This enables you to approach your business market depending upon the sorted database.

Increased Revenue:

Accessibility to the structured data becomes more effortless. Thus in turn helps your team to increase the productivity and revenue.

This time consuming back office process should be outsourced so that you can concentrate more on your primary objectives.

It should be outsourced offshore to a company like Apoyo Corp considering time, cost and quality.

Why should you outsource data processing services to Offshore?

Since Data processing evolves as a major factor and it's time consuming, you need to outsource data processing services to offshore company like Apoyo Corp. We assemble our best associates to give you supreme quality. Also we assign more technicians to accomplish your project within your given time. Since we are performing it offshore, we are able to quote you the best reasonable cost for our operations.

On acquiring sample, we work with our data processing specialists to find out time required, data processing technicians in a team. Depending upon the allocations we make, you will receive a quote for your necessary data processing needs.

Reach us now by filling the form to get a data processing quote by sending a sample file to us.