Data conversion services

Data Conversion Services of Apoyo Corp are tailored to convert any file of the given format into the format you opt for. Keeping the core data unchanged, our conversion services craft your data to be more precise, explicit, convenient and retrievable.

We have designed and customized our data conversion process to deliver the output files in your desired formats. Our highly experienced professionals are capable of handling and converting huge number of data files with 100% accuracy.

Data Conversion Services

Our data conversion services enable your data to possess the following benefits

Transform your data digitally:

Our data conversion operators reform your data by transforming data given in any paper format into electronic format. These conversions include e-formats such as Document, PDF, XML, HTML, etc.

No data redundancy:

We remove the duplicate data or file has redundant information. So your data will be cleansed and updated in your chosen digital version.

No data loss:

Our primary objective on conversion is to make your data digitized. Since your data occurs in computerized format, there is no chance for data loss.

Access data in user friendly formats:

Our data conversion specialists transform your data to be in an electronic form. This e-format allows you to reach and access your data more easily.

Types of Data conversion services:

Apoyo Corp specializes in all types of data conversion services:

Data Entry Services

Document conversion services:

Document conversion includes conversion of the source file formats mainly paper documents into preferred electronic formats and the other way around. We perform data conversion process by scanning the source data/image, OCR, assigning index to acquire particular data etc. With your opted format, your processed data remains reliable and secure.

ePublishing Services

XML conversion services:

XML conversion involves converting given data of any format into XML format which is mainly used to encode the data. We are also able to decode the given XML files into required output formats. Also our process flow includes XML tagging to ensure smooth transition. Your input files can be in paper, text, MS Word, PDF, HTML, etc.

ePublishing Services

PDF conversion services:

PDF conversion is meant for conversion of source files like tiff, gif, books, etc into PDF format and vice versa.

Data Entry Services

HTML conversion services:

HTML conversion primarily includes converting source files such as MS Word, PDF, RTF or any other source format into HTML format alongside tagging. On the other hand, we convert HTML files into PDF, RTF and other desired formats so as to serve as a powerful tool for offline marketing.

ePublishing Services

SGML conversion services:

SGML conversion broadly includes conversion of text, HTML, PDF, Image, Paper, etc into SGML format and vice versa.

We work with any industry that requires data conversion primarily to convert their paper formats in to digital form. Our data entry team manually types and converts your data even into your online platforms or systems.

For instance in health care industry, we could perform following services

Medical data conversion

Our medical data conversion services include keeping updated of your existing records and feeding the data of new patients in your database.

The data/ information comprises of

  1. Records of your patients i.e. Health profile / basic information
  2. All components about insurance records and claims
  3. Diagnosis / Checkups/ Treatments

EMR data conversion

Electronics Medical Records (EMR) data conversion is performed by converting your entire patient's comprehensive data into your EMR or by shifting your data from your old EMR to new one without data loss.

EHR data conversion

Electronic Health Record (HER) involves converting, cleansing and updating the precise data to your new system.

Irrespective of the industry you are in, we are able to perform data conversion service for better accessibility.

Data conversion process workflow of Apoyo Corp

Data conversion process workflow of Apoyo Corp begins by accepting your input files through FTP server very securely.

After examining your necessities by analyzing your source and requisite file formats, the presented data undergoes conversion. We manipulate your data into electronic document or any other means keeping the substance unaltered.

Data entry Services workflow of Apoyo

In order to ensure high standards in quality, the processed file undergoes various quality checks before delivery. Thus we always deliver the converted standard output in your essential format.

Apoyo Corp stands alone among all other data conversion competitors by emphasizing high quality results delivered on time at reasonable cost.

Why outsource data conversion services to Apoyo Corp?

Data conversion outsourcing to Apoyo Corp benefits your company in numerous ways. We have prioritized and listed below the primary advantages you are going to get on outsourcing to us.

Experienced and efficient handling of data conversion services:

We possess best data conversion operators in our team to produce high end results. Our experienced and skilled experts handle your data effectively without any data loss during conversion. Since we are well equipped with the necessary tools and an efficient team, we always come up with high level quality.

Accuracy with error free output:

We are specially designed to produce consistent high quality results. It's because we make the completed output file undergo various quality inspections to ensure quality. We assure you that our outputs are so accurate without any error.

Time bound quick results:

Before we start working on your project, we analyze your sample file thoroughly. This empowers us to allocate sufficient operators in our team for production. Thus it enables us to deliver high quality outcome before your allocated time.

Ensured data security and privacy:

We are always aware that data security is a major factor whenever our company receives an input file from our Clients. All your input files are received through our secured FTP server. The details of the data conversion project and your core information will be kept confidential. Thus we maintain the data privacy of all our Clients.

Minimal cost:

We always quote and work at a moderate cost. By outsourcing data conversion services to us, you could save more than 40% of your operational cost. The operation cost may even increase if you spend your money on tools or software, resources, etc.

Keen human engagement rather than software automated conversions:

Automated software conversions will never bring you 100% quality. It may be entertained only for specific purposes. We always rely on operators rather than software to meet up your expected quality standards. With huge workforce in our hand, we always designate specialists to work in every single phase.

Partner with professional data conversion service provider

In order to change your data into your opted e-format flawlessly, you need to acquire a professional data conversion service provider.

Apoyo Corp's data conversion specialists will work on your sample file initially. Our output will ensure quality which will be ready for your review. At the same time, we will look into the complexity and estimate the time needed for the transition. After considering all the factors, we will send you a cheap, affordable quote according to your requirements.

Contact us now to get a data conversion quote for your required data entry service by sending us a sample.